Welcome to Dee's


Please note that each host sets the game options, rules etc.  

The info provided here is just an example of one way to play the games to help people become familiar with them.  Some games have more variations than others.  Each host will announce before the game the rules for their game!




     Click REGISTER! For each Round each player is ESP'D a set of 5 dice,
The player then needs to pick dice to re-roll (Can roll all 5 or none at all - click the ones you wish to keep).  Click SEND REROLLS.
The dice are rolled again and the player picks dice to re-roll a 2nd time. Click SEND REROLLS
On the 3rd roll the player then needs to Pick which Score box 
they want to Score in that round.

Each score box can only be used once per game.
The player MUST pick a box to score in even if it means a 0 score.  Click SEND SCORE CHOICE.

Repeat for all rounds.


There are 13 score boxes to fill during the game  

Each box can ONLY be filled ONCE per game  Separated into two sections,

Upper & Lower .

There are also Bonus's to be won!

Upper Section

Aces - Total of all the 1's

Twos - Total of all the 2's

Threes - Total of all the 3's

Fours - Total of all the 4's

Fives - Total of all the 5's

Sixes - Total of all the 6's

Lower Section

3 of a Kind - 3 or more of a kind - score the total of all the dice

4 of a Kind - 4 or more of a kind - score the total of all the dice

 Full House - 3 of a kind and 2 of a kind (or 5 of a kind) - score 25

Low Straight - run of 4 numbers (1234 or 2345 or 3456) - score 30

High Straight - run of 5 numbers (12345 or 23456) - score 40

YAHTZEE!!  - 5 of a Kind - score 50  Chance - No rules just scores total of all dice

Bonus & Wild Cards

If the player scores a Total of 63 or over in the Upper Section

they will earn a 35 Point Bonus!

If a Player gets a 2nd (or subsequent) YAHTZEE

and has already scored in the Yahtzee box,

apart from being very lucky, they will receive a 100 point bonus!

Yahtzee Wild Card
a Yahtzee (5 of a kind) can be used as a wild card for Low/High Straight
if these 2 rules are true..
1.) Player has already used the Yahtzee Box
2.) the Corresponding box in the Upper section has been used
(eg if roll is 11111 player must of already used the Ace's)



Top Score - You win the 1st Place Prize.

2nd Top Score - You win the 2nd Place Prize.

3rd Top Score - You win the 3rd Place Prize.

Door Prizes

Door Prizes will be chosen randomly During Game.

Happy Gaming! Enjoy!