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Please note that each host sets the game options, rules etc.  

The info provided here is just an example of one way to play the games to help people become familiar with them.  Some games have more variations than others.  Each host will announce before the game the rules for their game!



What's In A Name


Score the most points by creating as many words as possible from the letters

in each word given each round.

Words can be a person, place or thing.

There will be 15 Rounds per Game or whatever the host sets.

Please note that it is up to the host as to what is or is not allowed.


Set your ESP to the host.

Players try to create the longest words they can think of.  (from 2 - 8 letters in length) within the time set by host.

How to Play

1.  The Host will say a word(s). 

2.  Using the letters within the word(s), make as many other words as possible.  The longer the better for scoring!

3.  You then submit your words by ESP to HOST.   HIT ENTER after each word!

4.  After all players have submitted their words, the Host will then show the submissions.

*Repeat above for each Round*

What is and is NOT allowed!

Words cannot be a word that is part of the name and must be a valid english word. 

Words can NOT contain hyphens, apostrophes etc.

Words using the word(s) host announces do NOT count.
Submit ONLY 1 word per ESP.
You may send as many entries as you like.
Only the longest acceptable word will be awarded points.

The Host has the right to reject any entry for not meeting the criteria they set.

How Points are Awarded

1 - 2 letters : 1 point

3 - 4 letters : 2 points

5 - 6 letters : 3 points

7 - 8 letters : 4 points

9 or more letters : 5 points



Top Score - You win the 1st Place Prize.

2nd Top Score - You win the 2nd Place Prize.

3rd Top Score - You win the 3rd Place Prize.

Door Prizes

Door Prizes will be chosen randomly During Game.

Happy Gaming! Enjoy!