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Please note that each host sets the game options, rules etc.  

The info provided here is just an example of one way to play the games to help people become familiar with them.  Some games have more variations than others.  Each host will announce before the game the rules for their game!


(A variation of Get A Clue by Dee)

Same as Normal Get-A-Clue with 3 Games played consecutively!  3 FREE CLUES per Game!

Scores (points) are added together from each game.  


Solve the Crimes!

Based on the game of Clue, Murders have been committed.

You must solve the crimes using deductive reasoning based on the clues provided to you.

You must figure out the VICTIM, the SUSPECT, the LOCATION and the WEAPON ​for each Game.


(same as Normal Game, you just have to re-reg for each game)

* Before Play Begins *

Download the GET-A-CLUE Player Card, unzip it and install it. 

The Game Card lists all of the possible clues.  During Play, clues will be revealed. 

Using the Game Card you will keep track of which clues have been eliminated as well as

which suspects, victims, rooms and weapons are still a possible solution to the Crime.

When asked, ESP the host to REGISTER. 

Your card will remain blank until the Host sends the board to you before play begins.

Player Card

​(you won't see it filled till host sends info right before game begins)

* Playing the Game *

The Host will randomly call the first person to play.

You will automatically get 3 FREE Private Clues on your first 3 turns as well.

YOU then  ROLL the DIE (or have the host do an AUTO ROLL for you) OR...

 YOU may choose to GUESS = SOLVE the Crime.  

Say either: ROLL, AUTO, or GUESS.

*You are allowed 1 FREE GUESS per game.  If you don't SOLVE the game with your FREE GUESS,

you are NOT allowed to guess again UNLESS you ROLL a 5 or 6 during your next turn*

As you and other people play, clues will be revealed which are NOT involved in the crime (ie: NOT in solution).
Your job is to keep track of these clues so you can guess the SUSPECT, VICTIM, ROOM & WEAPON.


ROLL the DIE or have Host do AUTO ROLL for you.  What the ROLLS Mean....


  1 = RANDOM PRIVATE CLUE  The Host will ESP you a private clue which NO ONE ELSE sees

2 = RANDOM PUBLIC CLUE  Host will publicly announce an clue which ALL can see

3 = CHOOSE PRIVATE CLUE  Tell the HOST in ESP, if you want a SUSPECT Clue, VICTIM Clue, ROOM Clue or WEAPON Clue. 

The host will ESP you a private clue which NO ONE ELSE sees in the category you chose.

4 = CHOOSE PUBLIC CLUE  Say out loud if you want a SUSPECT Clue, VICTIM Clue, ROOM Clue or WEAPON Clue. 

The host will publicly announce a public clue which ALL can see in the category you chose.

5 = MAKE A PRIVATE GUESS  Attempt to solve the Crime.  Send the HOST in ESP, your choices for Suspect, Victim, Room and Weapon. 

6 = MAKE A PUBLIC GUESS  Attempt to solve the Crime.  Say OUT LOUD your choices for Suspect, Victim, Room and Weapon. 

To play this game, you must have a copy of the a GET-A-CLUE card.  The cards can be downloaded by clicking the Buttons at top of page.

As you obtain clues throughout the game,  use the PLAYER GAME CARD to keep track of those clues.
The best way to do this is to cross off clues as they are revealed.

You can also takes notes on the card to record the results of other people’s guesses.  Or use plain old pen and paper.

Example: “Odin killed Dee in Park with the Gun: 3 correct”
Over time, this information may help you eliminate possible clues  by taking advantage of other people’s guesses!
To win the game, you must be the first to answer all 4 clues correctly.

** How to USE HOUSTON'S Player Card**

Marking your Card

The Player Card can be used in many ways to track clues and your guesses.  Thus helping you in the process of elimination to get to the solution of the Murder.

You can also just use a pen and paper.

Using the Square Box - ELIMINATING

If you click the square box beside the Suspect, Victim, Room or Weapon, you will see a checkmark = possibility.

If you click the square box AGAIN, you will see the Suspect, Victim, Room or Weapon with a line thru it = You have eliminated this possibility.

Using Right-Click

If you right-click a clue, it becomes italicized

Right-click again, it becomes underlined

Right-click again, it becomes a strike through (line through the clue)

Right-click again, it becomes normal

How you use these variations is your choice.

Using Left-Click (Using Colors)

If you Left-Click a Suspect, Victim, Room or Weapon - the color will change. 

There are 8 possible color variations.

How you use the color system is totally your choice or

you may choose not to use it at all.

Using the Round Circle - GUESSING

If you are guessing, click the ROUND circle beside the Suspect, Victim, Room or Weapon to turn that choice ON.

You need to make one choice in each of the categories.

Then click PRIVATEto send your GUESS in ESP to Host) OR Click PUBLIC (to say it out loud).  

Host's Response

After you guess, the Host will respond in ESP if you made a PRIVATE guess or OUT LOUD if you made a PUBLIC guess.

You will be told how many you got correct out of the 4 categories.

You will NOT know which one(s) were correct.  That is where your reasoning skills come into play.

For example, you may be told... You Got 1 correct and Gain 1 Point.

So you know you got it right in 1 of the 4 categories.  But which one?

At this point you might use the text area on the game board to type notes for yourself, or utilize other color variations to keep track of the result of this guess.  How you use the colors if totally up to you.  Figure out a system that works for YOU!


The first person to solve the crime wins the game.
Each person also receives a point for each correct clue they guess.

The person who solves the crime is awarded an extra 50 points

to assure they win the 1st place slot.

In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker will be be played.

SCORES FROM EACH of the 3 GAMES are totaled to get top scores of the Day!


Top Score - You win the 1st Place Prize

2nd Top Score - You win the 2nd Place Prize

3rd Top Score - You win the 3rd Place Prize

Door Prizes

Door Prizes will be chosen during or after the game.

*** Please don't fret about all the explanations given above.

If you have played CLUE you already KNOW how to play.

The Host will always explain things as needed during the game. ***

It's NOT AS HARD as it MAY SEEM!  Honest!  (just takes a few games to get used to it )


On Your Turn - Choose ROLL, have HOST ROLL or GUESS

Use Player Card to Track Results. Solve the Crime!

Happy Gaming! Enjoy!