Please note that each host sets the game options, rules etc.  

The info provided here is just an example of one way to play the games to help people become familiar with them.  Some games have more variations than others.  Each host will announce before the game the rules for their game!




To Gain the Most Points

There will be 15-20 Rounds per Game

Each Round allows a set amount of time for you to answer before Players Spin the Dice

Please note that it is up to the host to set # of Questions, Timer, # of Dice etc.


Read Question, ESP answer to Host, Rollers roll Dice and say # out loud

1.  To Register, Send the Host a $ by ESP.

2.  7 Players stand at the Dice (they will be the Rollers).

3.  When game starts, read question. Send your guess to Host via ESP.  You may change your answer as only the last ESP counts.

(ex: if the question is How many of the dice will be even? and you think that 3 players will spin an even #, type 3 and send to host via ESP.)

4.  If you are a Roller, SPIN your Die by clicking it and choosing *Use, so all can see*.

5.  Type the # of your Roll out loud.

*If you are not rolling for a question, please turn around and face back*

Repeat for each Round.


If your answer is exact: you gain 5 Points.

If your answer is 1 away: you gain 3 Points.

If your answer is 2 away: you gain 1 Point.



Top Score - You win the 1st Place Prize.

2nd Top Score - You win the 2nd Place Prize.

3rd Top Score - You win the 3rd Place Prize.

Door Prizes

Door Prizes will be chosen during or after the game.

Happy Gaming! Enjoy!

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