Created by Dee (long long ago in a world far far away - thank goodness)

Revised format for METROPOLIS due to availability of items (Grid size)

As more items become available, game may be slightly revised.

Other hosts may have game variations, if so, the info will be added to this page.



To Win the Race (s)!
Move your Duck based on the Dice Rolled

Maximum Players = 18 ...  So please be on time! 


DP Draw will be held after Reg Closes!
There will be 2-3 Rounds/Races per Game Hour

(depending on # of players/time remaining)


Before Play Begins
When asked, ESP Host (Dee) a $ to Register.

Only a maximum of 20 players can play per game hour.  So come early! 

NO ALTS ALLOWED.  NO LATE Registrations!
Players Ghost when Game Begins. 

Host may TURN OFF ESP'S during game.

If you need to say something regarding game... unghost and say out loud.

Calling Players
Host will randomly pick up to 6 Players for Race 1.  Other players remain Ghosted.
Players Walk to a Die choosing which color die they prefer. 

NOTE: The HOST will roll the black die to determine which Duck starts us off.    

Play then continues moving to R across screen.
Depending on how many total players, you may get to race more than once.

The Races Begin
The Host rolls die to see which Duck starts the game.

Play then continues to ----> right of screen. 

Feel free during game to cheer for YOUR Duck!

And of course, intimidate other's duckies!


1 = Duckie Loses ...  Duck moves to LAST PLACE

*behind last place duck that is in play, not to start*

2 = Duckie Penalty ...  Duck moves 2 spaces BACKWARD

3 = Duckie Paddles ...  Duck moves 3 spaces FORWARD

4 = Duckie Swimming ...  Duck moves 4 spaces FORWARD
5 =
Duckie In High Gear ...  Duck moves 5 spaces FORWARD
6 = Duckie Cheats ...  Duck moves to First Place

Play continues along to right. 
Then back to first player on left etc.
Win the Race (by crossing the finish line! and ending at your colored box at right of screen).

Whatever color reaches FINISH Line 1st WINS!

 RACE WINNERS will be in Roll Off for prize order!
Play then continues with Race 2 & 3

How to Win the Race
Be FIRST to cross the FINISH Line and end at your colored box!

You do NOT have to get an exact roll to hit FINISH line (box).

Whatever color reaches FINISH Line 1st WINS

 Final WINNERS Roll Off
Final Race Winners will roll a die to determine prize order.
If you come in 1st Win Position  = 1st Place Prize
If you come in 2nd Place Position = 2nd Place Prize.
If you come in 3rd Show Position = 3rd Place Prize.

Door Prizes
Door Prizes will be chosen randomly during game.

Dee's Duck Races.... DP's will be drawn BEFORE 1st race, after REGISTATIONS Close!

BE ON TIME please!

Happy Gaming! Enjoy!


Please note that each host sets the game options, rules etc.  

The info provided here is just an example of one way to play the games to help people become familiar with them.  Some games have more variations than others.  Each host will announce before the game the rules for their game!

Welcome to Dee's