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 Please note that each host sets the game options, rules etc.  

The info provided here is just an example of one way to play the games to help people become familiar with them.  Some games have more variations than others.  Each host will announce before the game the rules for their game!




Combat is a dice game (similar to Red Dragon).

The object is to eliminate the other players & be the only one left standing at the end!

There will be 3 Rounds of 6 players per Game (or what the host sets).

Game can vary depending on how many players as well. 


Before Play Begins

Host will start game by asking for Registrations. ESP the Host a $ to Register.
Before Game begins, all players must ghost (and remain ghosted till you are called down to play).  
Number of Rounds
There will be 3 Rounds of 5-6 Players per round.  When you are called, please UNGHOST and walk to one of the 6 dice.
Fill-Ins Depending on the number of players, each round may consist of fill-ins. This will be determined before each round by the host, and announced before that round starts. Everyone will get at least one chance to play. For example, if 22 players register – and there are no new registrations throughout the game
– each round will consist of 6 players, plus 1 “fill-in” who will be called down when the first player in the round is eliminated.

Note 1. Registrations will not be accepted once each round begins, and during the course of that round. However, the Host will ask for NEW registrations before each round begins. For example, there were 22 players registered when round 1 began – 6 players and 1 “fill-in”. Round 1 completes with the “last one standing”. 2. Host then asks for new registrations before round 2 begins, and 1 player is added. Round 2 will then consist of the 6 players and 1 “fill-in”…PLUS an additional “fill-in”.
3. This will continue throughout the game as new players are added,
but “fill-ins” will be determined per round based on the total number of registered players
​ who have not been called at the time the round begins.  

How to Play

1.  To begin each round, the host will roll his dice to determine who starts.

     That player will then roll their dice “to attack”.  <Use, so all may see>.
2.  The results of the role will determine who defends first…
     upon which the defendant will in turn roll their dice
(Please see below for an explanation of what each roll represents).
3.  The host will announce the results of each roll.

4.  Play continues to the right unless otherwise stated.  

      Getting Eliminated

1.  When you have been eliminated, please roll your dice <Use, hidden from view> and ghost.

     The game is over for you, but you may still win a Door Prize.  (Or depending on how many players you may be called 

     to fill-in during another round)
Play continues until one person is “left standing” at the end of each round and who will be announced the winner of that round.

     Game continues until 3 rounds are played, and there are 3 winners.

      ***Combat Dice Rolls  ***


1 - Single Shot!                     Make it a good one! Attack the person to your Left OR Right!

2 - Semi-Automatic Assault!  Your machinegun spray finds two targets! Attack the player to your Left AND then Right!

3 - Sniper Attack!                 From your hidden spot, you can see every target! Attack ANY 1 player!

4 - Ricochet!                        Play will now continue in the opposite direction!

5 - Artillery Fire!                  Coordinates? The host will roll to determine who must defend!

​6 - Grenade!                         All Players (except the attacker) MUST ROLL! The lowest roller(s) will be OUT!


1 - Head Shot!                      You have been mortally wounded and are OUT!

2 - Fatal Wound!                   This is one mission you won't complete soldier! You're OUT!

3 - Blown Up Sir!                  Army Training didn't prepare you for this! You're OUT!

4 - Ear Grazed!                     That was a close one, but you're still in!

5 - Kevlar Vest!                     Thank God for modern inventions! Your vest absorbs the bullet's impact! You stay in!

6 - Return Fire!                     Your attacker is dead (OUT) and you're still in the game!


1.  Door prizes will be awarded after round 3, randomly selected by the hoster or when host decides.

     Once all door have been distributed, the 3 round winners will select a  die. 
2.  Each round winner will roll once.  

     Highest number rolled will be first place winner, 2nd highest rolled – 2nd place, and so on. 

     In the event of a tie... Those who tied will need to re-roll for the place determined by their initial  roll. 

     (Example: Ann, Bob, Cindy, and Dan are the 3 round winners.   Ann rolls a 6, Bob and Cindy roll a 4. 

     Ann wins first place, Bob and Cindy tie for 2nd and 3rd place – and will need to re-roll to determine who is 2nd and who is 3rd.


It may sound confusing, but is actually an easy and fun game.

       It won’t take long to “catch-on”!
Happy Gaming! Enjoy!