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Please note that each host sets the game options, rules etc.  

The info provided here is just an example of one way to play the games to help people become familiar with them.  Some games have more variations than others.  Each host will announce before the game the rules for their game!




Using the Letters given, deduce the words!

There will be 4 Rounds of 6 players or whatever the host sets.

Please note that it is up to the host as to what is or is not allowed.


How to Play Brainstorm!

1.  ESP the host a $ to register.

2.  Each Round will consist of 6 players.  Normally there will be 4 rounds.

     The 6 players will BRAINSTORM against each other! 

3.  The host will announce a number.  This denotes how many letters are in the word you are trying to figure out.

4.  The host will then announce the FIRST and LAST letters of that word.

5.  Players need to say OUTLOUD a word that fits the criteria.  

Example :
First is R, Last is E
R _ _ _ _ E
An answer could be RESCUE

6.  The first player to do so will gain 1 point.

*Repeat above for each Round*

Please Note

1.  The host will know lots of words but he/she isn't a walking dictionary.

2.  All words must be found at www.dictionary.com.  (If any words are disputed the host will check the word at this site).

3.  Host has the right to reject any entry for not meeting the above criteria.

NOTE:  All ground players MUST be blocking ESP's and ESP Mail to make it fair so they can't get help from others.

The host will check this at any time during the game and if an ESP/ESP Mail goes through to a player on the ground

then that player will be disqualified with no chances.
6. The winners will be the 3 players with the highest scores.



You receive 1 Point for each correct answer

Top Score - You win the 1st Place Prize.

2nd Top Score - You win the 2nd Place Prize.

3rd Top Score - You win the 3rd Place Prize.

Door Prizes

Door Prizes will be chosen during or after Game (varies with hosts).

Happy Gaming! Enjoy!